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Vit Muller

Vit Muller, a former fitness professional, now excels in digital marketing with his agencies 'Stand Out From The Pack' & 'Vit Muller Consulting'. A HighLevel® Software expert, he specializes in SaaS and Premium Snapshots, aiding agencies in growth. He hosts the Success Inspired and High Level Experience podcasts, showcasing business and personal development stories. Vit's journey from fitness to digital marketing exemplifies entrepreneurship and resilience. 🚀💼
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Andrew Kamide

Andrew Kamide, Co-Founder of ChatHQ & President of Top Profit Digital, is a SaaS UI/UX and product marketing expert. Known for his passion in aiding small businesses, he specializes in lead generation via Google Adwords and Facebook. With 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, he excels in targeting audiences across various channels yielding exceptional results. A proven small business growth expert, Andrew symbolizes innovation and success in digital marketing. 🚀🔥